Getting around the Aude by bus not easy.

A sparse network of bus routes connects the larger towns with the surrounding towns and villages. At best,  routes have only four or five buses a day, none run on Sundays and public holidays. Some buses are for schoolchildren and students only. Some routes are operated 'on demand' meaning that intending users must telephone on the previous weekday to reserve a seat.Buses on the Aude system have a flat fare of €1

 Sources for maps and timetables - all are only in French : - official départmental bus website which lists most of the buses in the départment including those below. Also has a map of all the routes. (mostly the same information as above but has printable timetables) buses mostly to the east of Carcassonne   - most buses run only on schooldays, many of those that run  at other times are 'on demand'. Operates routes mainly around the area of Bram and Carcassonne. operates three routes between Narbonne and villages to the south.

 For buses in and around the city of Carcassonne and its suburbs see

 For buses in and around the city of Narbonne and suburbs see

 There is also the local rail line between Carcassonne, Limoux and Quillan which is in fact mostly operated with buses - see this page, go to 'Ma Ligne' and select Ligne 11 for the timetable.