Victoria offers visitors so much  diversity, it's no wonder that it is a popular place to holiday.  It has many different experiences to offer travellers - from the Great Ocean Road to wineries, to its food and shopping, not to mention the penguins at Phillip Island -  and on round the Southern Coast to the very beautiful National Park of Wilsons Promontory, then you can travel further east to explore Gippslands' Riviera.  There is something for everyone and so much more as you venture away from the city and into the highly productive and diverse countryside. There are wonderful beaches and snow covered mountains, rivers and caves, rain forests and desert places. Victoria has it all.

Melbourne 1 

Photo of Melbourne at night from the cruise terminal


A trip report from a November 2015 visitor from the USA covering Melbourne, Great Ocean Road and the Grampians.


A poster from New York holidayed in Melbourne in July 2009, enjoying the sites in and around Melbourne including Wineries in the Yarra Valley .   Oh, and by the way, he also thinks AFL football is OK !!   

The New York poster wins fans from all over with his exciting report about attending AFL games in Melbourne with his son who really scored a “goal” when he met his football hero.     

Flinders Station - Melbourne.

Westgate Bridge 

Photo of the Westgate Bridge, Melbourne 

Federation Square Melbourne.

Photo of Melbourne skyline.

Yarra River and Southbank.

A few days in Melbourne in 2009 for this poster saw them sampling yummy breakfasts at various places, plus some sightseeing and football too.     

Captain Cooks cottage 

Photo of Captain Cook's Cottage - Fitzroy Gardens 

Shopping and shows for three Mums and three daughters was on the agenda for their 3 day trip to Melbourne.

water feature  JFK memorial

Photo of a water feature in the Fitzroy Gardens and the JFK memorial 

An expat returns to Melbourne for two weeks in 2009 and reports on her thoughts about some of the restaurants, hotels and bars that she sampled.

National Art Gallery Of Victoria.

Melbourne 2

Photo of Melbourne skyline from the cruise terminal 

Chocolate tastings, local produce, artworks, patchwork and a restaurant – all in one day from Melbourne to Castlemaine  

Fairy Tree 1  Fairy Tree 2

Photos of the "Fairy Tree" in Fitzroy Gardens



Photo of the sunset over the Bay

Day trips out of Melbourne

Hot springs in winter, a winery café, warming winter food and gardens – yet another fabulous day trip from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula   

A drive to historic Queenscliff, Pt Lonsdale, and ferry ride in April 2009 while taking in some great views and food !!    

About 2 hours drive from Melbourne, the Bellarine Peninsula has a charm all its own says this poster - coastal holiday with beach walks, views, good food and coffee – fabulous for a weekend or day trip.       

On their 18 day trip to various parts of Australia in July-AUgust 2009, jahausa and his wife drove the Great Ocean Road, and had a close encounter with a Koala.

Architecture  Royal Arcade

Photos of interesting architecture in Melbourne and details in the Royal Arcade


Photo of the Bay looking towards St Kilda and Brighton at night

More than a day trip ...

Scroll down into this thread to see the start of the “proper” report where the poster spent some time travelling around Victoria – there’s some terrific information about the Great Ocean Road !!  

Travelling around the goldfields and the regional towns of Victoria is a great way to see the countryside and also, hopefully find a nugget or two !! 

Historical Beechworth - Victoria.

Beechworth wonderful stone buildings.