These Trip Reports below essentially represents a "collection" from various travellers where they have travelled sometimes extensively over a period of weeks, and sometime travelling to various states over a shorter time. There's also a Trip Report from 2005 when one of TA's regular contributors flew to Lord Howe Island with her family - such a great read !!


The Great Barrier Reef  from a helicopter, about an hour from Port Douglas 

Islands Of Australia  

Lord Howe Island lies off the eastern coast of Australia and is only accessible by plane.   It is a “favourite” for many Australians and after reading this fabulous report from 2006, you’ll see why – isolated, small, but completely relaxing – what a holiday!!    

 Old Settlement Beach lookign to Mt Gower and Mt Lidgbird

Looking across to Mount Gower and Mount Lidgbird from Old Settlement Beach.  Keep an eye out for the turtle that is virtually resident in this part of the lagoon.

 Lord Howe is a birdwatcher's paradise.  No trouble snapping these nesting white terns. 

Lord Howe is a nature lover's paradise. The "nesting" white terns are right among the settlement, but aren't noisy or smelly. Just beautiful.  They lay their eggs straight onto the tree branch - "look mum, no nest!!"

Fish at Ned's Beach LHI

The feeding and snorkelling with  the  fish at Ned's Beach is a must on Lord Howe Island!

 sunrise LHI

And sometimes the sunrise will just blow you away !! 

Outback adventures  

Flying in from Perth , Alice Springs is the starting point for 4 wheel driving for a couple who travelled along the West MacDonnell Ranges and also followed some of the Larapinta Trail, a challenging 223 kilometres trek along the spine of the Ranges.   If seeing the bush and the outback is of interest, then you’ll love this Trip Report from 2008.



 MacDonald Ranges 

Photo of a water hole - West MacDonell Ranges



Part 2 of the above report, focussing on Broken Hill and Silverton in western New South Wales





A Tripadvisor DE for Road Trips, spends nine weeks in Australia .   Here is a collection of fantastic reports from him about his road trip in Australia in 2009.   

Have you ever wanted to travel to the “Top End” in a 4 wheel drive where you can drive for miles and see no-one?   Well here’s a taste of what is in store with such a trip from Darwin (NT) to the Kimberley (WA)- an excellent report from 2008 for those who want to do a similar trip, or for those who love the bush but prefer to travel vicariously !   A fabulous read !!









A land of contrasts – trip reports where travellers experienced diversity across different the states  

Mindil Beach 

Photo taken at dusk at Mindil Beach, Darwin hang gliding while towed by a boat

A couple from Atlanta, USA, had a great time in Australia  in late 2009, sampling wine and "feral" food and even dared to drive on the "wrong side of the road.  This TR is a great read ..



Adelaide - South Australian Museum

The West, South And Eastern Australia – a “fantastic” three and a half weeks down under – Perth , Sydney and Adelaide in 2008/09.

Alice Springs 

Photo of hot air ballooning at Alice Springs at dawn - just magic !!

Quite a contrast in scenery and weather for this couple who travelled from Uluru to Darwin .   From Darwin , they went to Brisbane where they drove to Mooloolaba Marina for their sailing trip to Rockhampton in 2007.   Warning – this Trip Report contains “mouth-watering” descriptions of the desert and time aboard a yacht where they sailed to Fraser Island / Hervey Bay / Bunker islands – lady Musgrave/ Heron Island / Fitzroy Reef!!!  

A fabulous detailed Trip Report by TA member mlgAustralia on Uluru.

Peter and Dylis' excellent adventure across Australia in May 2009. 






In 2008, a poster from the UK arrived in Australia to celebrate a milestone birthday.   These three trip reports are the highlights of their “trip of a lifetime”.

Atherton Tablelands 

Photo showing a waterfall (on the waterfall trail) in the Atherton Tablelands, Qld

Port Douglas 

Photo showing the view over the beach at Port Douglas, Qld

A couple from Scotland makes the most of the information available on Tripadvisor to help plan their trip to Australia in 2005.   They had a great time here – and can’t wait to come back - where they took in the sites in Sydney, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Cairns and Melbourne. 


Photo taken at Dorrigo, not far from Coffs Harbour on the north coast, NSW

Multiple posts from an energetic reviewer who had a particular interest in public transport not to mention walking…







Photo of Sydney Harbour - walking on the Harbour Trust walking tracks.

Trip reports from FawltyTowersWatch

This was his first visit to Australia and a trip that he had dreamed about for a very long time, spending some two months in Australia and writing comprehensive trip reports that kept  his readers enthralled for ages.   His readers were just as sad to see him go as he was to leave our fair shores.


Photo of people enjoying the view - Bridgeclimb, Sydney Harbour Bridge

With just over two weeks for their trip to Australia , Californian visitors see   amazing wildlife, eat great food and see fabulous sites in Sydney , Tasmania and Melbourne in 2009

Mt Tomah 

Photo of a lovely vista at Mount Tomah Botanic Garden 

Mt Tomah

Photo of Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, Blue Mountains