Some areas of Australia can be a very cold. The areas in the south and in the mountains can experience low temperatures especially in winter  Central Australia can also be cold in the mornings during winter, but it is usually warm during  the day. In the tropics it is usually warm to hot with high humidity and heavy rain during the wet season from November to March/April. Major hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton,Holiday Inn etc usuall have central heating and cooling. Most other hotels or motels will reverse cycle airconditioning in each room or some other form of heating.  Most restaurants are eaither heated or cooled to suit the weather but door areas may not have good heating. Some hotels and motels have electric blankets on the beds but these should never be kept on when sleeping as they may develop hot spots when you in bed.  Australia is a large country with many different climates from cold winters to hot summers. This type of climate will vary from tropical to snow depending on the time of the year and your location.