If the kids are coming to the Great Barrier Reef with you, it is highly unlikely you’ll hear a litany of “I’m bored” coming from them. There is far too much to keep them occupied.

Water is the main attraction here, and your kids will enjoy snorkeling, exploring tide pools and taking in all that this majestic place has to offer. You could plop yourselves on the beach for days and never get tired of just the simple, recuperative downtime. The kids can enjoy viewing the coral and other beauties of the area while you enjoy a good book.

Many hotels and resorts offer a little something more than childcare. Sure, it’s care for your child, but in a fun and active way. While you get away for a little adult time, your kids will be treated to an interesting array of outdoor and indoor activities. Call it a vacation for everyone.

Be sure to take the kids fishing or on a boat ride for fun, fishing or marine viewing. All of these are sure to delight and entertain them. During the winter, you can take a whale watching excursion off the coast, and you can sometimes view dolphins as well as whales.