Kangaroo Island (KI) is not only known for its abundant wildlife, but is also becoming a focus for some of the world’s best boutique food and wine. Starting out as a farming community by its original settlers, KI has transitioned into an island booming with a range of natural unspoiled food delicacies from its selection of fish, like the ever popular King George whiting and the fresh water Marron crayfish to local sheep’s milk yoghurt and cheeses. A sampling of all the island’s offerings is easy to locate as most of the producers are also the sellers.

Wine is another growing market for Kangaroo Island. With over 30 growers and 18 labels, South Australia’s newest wine region is making a giant splash both locally and overseas. The major draw of being invited into a KI winery, like Sunset Wines, is the intimacy of practically being invited into the winemakers’ home.  

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Food & Wine - Kangaroo Island