Tasmania is often considered to be Australia's last untapped treasure trove of antiques because of its enduring isolation.  That may be true, but then again ..... Anyway, there are certainly several towns and villages around the island whcich have reputations as "antiquey" places.  This list may help your search for that elusive treasure.



Hobart, being Tasmania's largest city, has a good variety of antique shops.

The City of Hobart also has a few including Warwick Oakman Antiques on Sandy Bay Road, Battery Point has a classy selection of 18th and 19th century stuff, Similarly to the Margate Train.

Antiques Warehouse, Warwick Street, near Elizabeth Street, North Hobart has a large range of antiques and bric-a-brac in a rambling, two storey property. Dozens of individual stall holders have set up their unique collections. It is one of the most comprehensive, eclectic collections you will find. It includes offerings for the budget priced trinket collector, to those looking for more serious treasures.

Resource Collectables, is now located in a section of South Hobart Tip Shop on McRobies Rd, South Hobart. They have an astounding range of collectables/vintage and antiques every era and style at dirt cheap prices. This is where the antique sellers shop, for hyperbole of course.

Ricketty Rix, in Macquarie Street, which carries an eclectic range of decorative antiques for the modern decor.

Coogan Antiques is at 247 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Astrolabe Booksellers, is upstairs at 81 Salamanca Place.

The Stamp Place, at 110 Collins Street in the CBD specialises in stamps and coins.

Try the local St Vincent de Paul shops too in the North Hobart area. Go into one store and they will give you the addresses for others. They held glass cabinets full of vintage crockery and glassware.



Launceston has two regular antique auction houses:

Tulloch's, in lower George Street http://www.tullochs.com/

and Armitage Auctions at 9 Goodman Court, Invermay  (03) 63 262555, They hold their Auctions every second Wednesday and their website can be very helpful in getting a preview of what they have coming up in auction. Their website is www.armitageauctions.com 


Its Antique and Vintage shops include:

 Recycled Relix, in York Street, which sells a wide variety of oldish odds and ends,

Clockwise, at 67 York St, repairs old clocks and carries an extensive range of antique clocks for sale.

1842, on the corner of Cimitiere and St John Streets, which carries a fine range of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernist metalware.  They also restore antique furniture.

Junk-St-Store at 15 Herbert St, Invermay specialises in mid century and retro furniture and collectibles.


New Norfolk

New Norfolk is an antiquey town  is often said to be the Antique Capital in Tassie.

With several antique shops in and around the main street as well as a few within the confines of the old Wilow Court Asylum complex, it's understandable why.  They include:

New Norfolk Antiques

Ring Road Antiques

Willow Court Antique Centre

Drill Hall Emporium

Rose & Sons, and

Oli's Garage Sale where you can find everything from classic Retro to upcycled tassie timber furniture



Perth's antique shops include

The Leather Bottle

Robur House



Longford Antiques in the main street,  usually has an excellent range of Australian cedar.



Evandale is home to Northern Tasmania's biggest regular outdoor market on every Sunday, including a good range of small antiques in the adjacent hall.

It is also home to antique shops including:

Evandale antiques


Campbell Town

Wildes Antiques at 100 High Street, Campbell Town has a large range of antiques and collectables at affordable prices. Situated on the highway between Launceston and Hobart it is conveniently located. Open 7 days a week 9-5



Latrobe has a smallish, but varied market every Sunday in the main street.

Grange Antiques in the main street has a good range of quality wares, but is open only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Claren Antiques is also in the main street and is often shut.

The Reliquaire - possibly named after the ship that brought the stuff from China last week, rather than being an indicator of stock age - is in the main street.  At least it's always open.




Devonport has a large Antique Emporium in Formby Road.



Ulverstone is another "Antiquey" town with several shops including:

Leven Antiques in King Edward Street is a big shop with a lot of china and old furniture.

Peter Jermy's Antiquarian Books is in Victoria Street

Adopt-a-Chair is in Main Street.  Lots of old furniture.

Island State Collectables is also in Main Street.

Choice Secondhand is in Alexandra Road.



Penguin has a very large indoor market every Sunday, but antiques are not its strong suit; rather, specialising in crafty stuff.



Oatlands Antiques and Collectables in the main street has a broad and interesting range of antiques and bric-a-brac.

Winton Cottage Antiques and Interiors has an extensive range of good quality French Provincial antiques and furniture. 



In Tunbridge, you may find Tunbridge Collectables open.  they specialise in Doulton, carlton Ware and Murano glass. 



At Richmond you'll find Walkers of Richmond in Bridge Street.



Sorell has a large antique centre off the main road in Somerville Street.


For the Avid Hunter

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