As a capital city, Hobart is large and thriving; shopping is a great experience here and tourists have no trouble searching for whatever it is their heart desires. Hobart also offers duty-free shopping.

Hobart is full of city markets where you can stock up on superb and exotic ingredients. The best one to visit is by far, the Salamanca Market on Saturdays. But this market is not only full of food it also has an incredible selection of arts and crafts. Tourists rarely miss the opportunity to do some shopping here. The area is also filled with more stores to continue your spree and many stores that carry the specialties of Tasmania: leather, timber items, pottery, and glass.

But aside from the great city markets and antique shops you'll find in the touristy neighborhoods, Hobart is home to full scale malls as well. Trafalgar Square, the Centre Point Shopping Center, and the Cat and Fiddle Arcade are all large shopping centers where you an find the latest styles and more.

Major credit cards and traveler's checks are accepted in most major stores. When they are not accepted, use the Australian dollar (AUD); conversion rates are available at .