If you enjoy messing about in boats then Perth is the place!

There are many sailing clubs in Perth upon the Swan River that can offer a rather enjoyable/exciting experience in crewing for a sailboat race in the racing season, Oct to March.

If you have never sailed before, keep well away. If you have a little experience, and don't mind getting wet, this is the thing to do on a warm Saturday afternoon in this fair city.

Just turn up at mid-Saturday morning at any sailing club in the racing season and offer your services as a crew member. You will be snatched up and put to task within 15 minutes, guaranteed. Be modest; if you have never hoisted a spinnaker before, say so, or else you will be placed well outside your class. If you have merely dabbled before, admit it and someone will take you under their wing.

South of Perth Yacht Club is a good place to try. Park outside the gates, walk in, and query the first person you meet. You will be quickly led to someone who will need your services.  Some of the clubs are elitist, some are full on, SoPYC are middle-of-the-road and rather accomodating to newcomers. Tip: Wear a white tee shirt.  For some reason this makes you look like a sailor.

Pros: It's free; if you do a half decent job you will not have to pay for a drink at the bar all evening and you will make new friends

Cons: You will get wet, become bruised, battered and well in need of a soft bed for the night.