For a different kind of trail, one that hasn’t been beaten down in a while at least anyway, take a guided tour on the Convicts and Colonials Trail, which offers a look at the use of convicts in helping populate the colony. When it was established in 1829 the Swan River Colony was a free settlement, but labour shortages led the first settlers to request convicts be transported to the colony for an 18-year period ending in 1868. During this period some 10,000 male settlers arrive in the Perth. The guided tour helps visitors understand the impact it had on the early days of the Swan River Colony and in the development of Perth in the years that followed.

Further afield to the east in the Swan Valley is wine country, and the region’s hot dry climate make it the ideal area to grow classic wine varieties including shiraz, zinfandel and chardonnay. For wine connoisseurs this is worth the 40-minute trip from the heart of Perth. Dating back to 1833 when the earliest settlers arrived, Swan Valley actually went through two booms, first in the 1920s and then just after World War II. Today it remains Australia’s oldest wine-growing region and many of the vineyards are still owned by the original immigrants from Europe.

 The Perth Hills regions is also lovely to explore, particularly if you are here in autumn or spring. Darlington has the lovely John Forrest National Park, great for a picnic or BBQ or walks through bushland and past waterfalls and old railway tunnels. If you don't want to pack a picnic, head to Darlington Estate Restaurant for a lovely meal in a scenic setting.  The Chittering Valley is scenic, full of orchards and vineyards. Alternatively you could head out to the historic town of Jarrahdale and have a glass of wine or a meal at the beautiful Millbrook Winery. You will need a car for these activities.

The Bickely Valley is also a great spot in spring or autumn to explore if you have a car. Like the Chittering Valley, it has vineyards, orchards and some quaint cafes such as the Packing Shed which delivers homestyle meals and cakes in an old orchard packing shed converted into a cafe/restaurant. Another option if you like roses is the Carmel Rose Farm and tea house or the Melville Nursery and Rose Heritage Cafe which both serve great Devonshire teas! Lesmurdie Falls is not far away and is also very scenic or if you prefer to gaze at the stars, you can visit the Perth Observatory & museum which is also near Lesmurdie.