Spectacular views of Auckland harbour, city and some beach suburbs on a clear day.

If doing a roadtrip in New Zealand the best place to start is Auckland . From Auckland you can quickly take your first highlight with its fantastic SkyWalk that is so awesome. Fear of height? This is a great challenge because you are the tallest person and you will see a full view of Auckland. If you are looking for a more exciting activity do the Sky Jump. Auckland is very famous for its wild adventure and beaches. Theres a great route awaiting for you to take from Auckland by doing the Auckland to Coromandel or Auckland to Wangarei for more scenic trips.

 Many travelers love this roadtrip idea, you can also do best if you hire a motorhome, it is cost effective. Alhtough motorhome trips are only good for buget trips but it offers so much than a regular tour. For motorhomes in Auckland and major rental cities in New Zealand check out a full range of vehicle for your family trip or friends. RV Rentals can show you the motorhomes in a specific city and more information about the features so you can exactly assess what you need.