The original people of Auckland, New Zealand are thought to have been from the Turehu tribe, from whom the native Maori people claim to have ancestry.  The area where Auckland now stands was greatly desired by several clans because of its location and abundant natural resources.  It was the focus of several wars, invasions, and land disputes among New Zealand natives for hundred of years before it was discovered by Europeans. 

The first European to come to Auckland was Captain James Cook of England in 1769 during his famous voyage to the South Pacific, but it wasn't until the early 19th Century, in 1833, that the first European settlement was built there.   In 1840 the city of Auckland was established as the capitol of the colony of New Zealand and shortly thereafter several ships arrived with colonists from England and Scotland, settlers for the new city. 

Today Auckland is a very international city.  Although its official language is English, several languages are spoken there by immigrants from China, India, and several European countries as well as that of the county's native people, the Maori.

History of New Zealand