These are a few day or overnight trips you can make via self-drive car or tour coach from Auckland.


From Auckland to Kerikeri, you’ll drive along the east coast of Northland.  The trip there and back can easily be completed in a day, though once you experience the pristine beaches and laid-back sea-town mentality you might want to stay a little longer!  Be sure to leave time to make a few stops along the way: pull over in Matakana for a taste of some local wines, check out the charming local pub in Puhoi and the art studios along the waterfront in Whangarei.

Waitomo Caves

The Waitomo Caves are one of New Zealand’s biggest tourist attractions.  This underground cave system is populated by tens of thousands of glowworms.  You can see these by taking an exciting ‘black-water’ rafting adventure.


Rotorua is a great option for adventure sports in New Zealand, like bungee jumping and zorbing.  For those looking for a little more relaxation, there are also a number of spas and natural hot springs to soak in.