Wellington is considered the cultural center of New Zealand and therefore offers much in the way of both daytime and nighttime attractions and entertainment.  The most comprehensive information regarding updated nightlife options in the area is available online at the website for Entertainment New Zealand ( http://www.entertainmentnz.com/wellin... ).  Local insider information about events and activities in the area can also be found on the Wellington Craigslist home page ( http://wellington.craigslist.org/) by clicking on the appropriate links under “community”.

Some of the top nightlife choices in Wellington are:

  • Chicago Sports Bar and Café is a place where visitors can go to meet the locals and watch the game together over a cold beer.
  • Concrete is the best cocktail bar for the thirty and up crowd to get started at in the early to mid-evening hours.
  • Courtenay Place is the street for younger adult travelers (particularly college age students) who are seeking the active bar scene.  Visitors can go from bar to bar and club to club in this bustling area of the city.
  • Matterhorn: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction...
  • Midnight Espresso is a late night coffee shop which sometimes features live entertainment and open mic nights.
  • Molly Malone’s is the favored Irish bar in Wellington.

Best cocktail bars:

  • Motel, Forresters Lane, Off Tory Street
  • Hawthorn Lounge, 82 Tory Street
  • The Library, Level 1, 53 Courtenay Place
  • Good Luck Bar, 126 Cuba Street
  • Matterhorn, 106 Cuba Street
  • Hooch, 46 Courtenay Place