The Christchurch food and café scene has come a long way since the stodgy English food that was commonplace to the New Zealand visitor years ago.
In Christchurch, this most English of cities, there is a plethora of cafés. Even in South Island country towns, it seems that the obligatory pub has been replaced by a café. I’m sure that this is not the case, but I do notice the change.

These social gathering places provide a place to sit still, read a newspaper, chat with friends and talk to your children after you’ve picked them up from school. You can watch the world go by sipping fragrant coffee whilst perhaps indulging in a freshly baked cake.

As an immigrant landing in Christchurch I savoured every sip of freshly made espresso, and the obligatory freshly baked friand or slice of cake. I feel like a local now that I have my two favorite Christchurch cafés. I often take a run up Dyers Pass Road in Cashmere to “Sign of the Kiwi” and then park my tired legs at “The Cup” and enjoy a scrummy lunch, or coffee and cake. The views are stunning and the coffee is equally as good.

My newspaper reading hangout is the Hummingbird Café in Victoria Street. I have my “frequent coffee card” stamped proudly as I sip on my “black heaven” whilst mingling with the locals who probably take for granted the friendly and privileged pastime.

Thank you Christchurch.