The new Gibbston Valley Track is a really good walk. Start by parking your car at the Bungy bridge as you enter the Kawarau gorge. It is a good walk along side the Kawarau River.  If you start at Peregrine Winery you end up at the Hackett Bungy and from there headed to a winery for a meal.

For those people that visit the Shotover river area. The Oxen bridge walk is a short yet scenic visit to the bottom of the Skippers canyon.

The start of the Skippers Canyon 

See how the gold miners tunneled to get gold. See the photo below. If you ride the Shotover Jet. The walkway is immediately across the river from the jetboats.

The Oxen Bridge Tunnel 

Another short walk that is good for being in the shade during summer, sheltered from the wind if you strike a day like that. This is the Arrow river loop walk , this is directly behind the township. You go down one side of the river and up the other, its a nice walk any time of the year. The other section you can walk is up the river towards the Macetown settlement. This is great for the dogs , again a relatively flat walk, you follow the pipe line to the weir and beyond if you like.

 arrowtown pipe line walk