Queenstown has some incredible sights and activities to do during the day. While in Queenstown you can do a huge range of activities from biking, kayaking, Bungy jumping to mountain climbing. If you go just outside of the city you can charter a plane and go skydiving and get an incredible view of the city and countryside.

New Zealand is known as a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors and extreme sports. These are activities that can be done within a short a drive out of the town. Many tour groups go out of the town on highly organized and carefully supervised half day and day long trips, there are lots of different trips to do.

Glenorchy - For the not so physically active this area can be a relaxing destination for getting in touch with nature. The area is surrounded by the Mount Aspiring National Park. Probably the most memorable thing one could do in this area is to fly over the Southern Alps and the second best thing to that is to see the Alps from the ground. The easiest way to do that is to take a Jet boat ride up the Dart river out of Glenorchy. Take your car to Glenorchy and then drive beyond the township to see the area called 'Paradise'. Then drive up any one of the valleys to see wonderful scenery. The Rees valley is flat and open, good for easy walking. The Routeburn valley will give you a view of the Beech forest and New Zealands bird life. Have lunch or Diner at the Kinlock lodge while taking in the panoramic views of the Glenorchy landscapes.

There are good walking trails everywhere. Half a dozen rivers for fishing, boating, white water rafting.

One of the unique features of the Queenstown area is the ‘Skippers Canyon’, a area where gold was discovered in the 1860’s. Today it is a fun trip into some wonderful scenery. This area is best visited by a guided trip, either with the Four wheel drive companies or the White Water Rafting companies.

For the young family there is a range of things to do. Firstly there is the Luge, a slide ride down a part of the hill side behind the skyline gondola. Then at the bottom of the hill is the Kiwi bird house, a very entertaining hour to hour and a half. If you go to Arrowtown you can be informed of what the gold mining days where like by visiting a very good ‘Lakes District Museum. At the end of the day everyone can relax with a pleasant Steam Boat ride across the lake for a Diner at the Old Walters Peak Station. Which will show you how the dogs in New Zealand work the sheep, and how the farmers get the wool off the sheep.


New Zealand is also quickly becoming a spot that is well respected for its wine. There are many vineyards that offer tours near Queenstown, including Appellation Central Wine Tours Ltd, Gibston Valley Wines, and Kawarau Jet Wine Tours. Usually you should call up before you head out just to make sure that the winery will be giving tours that day, but typically they are open to the public Monday through Friday.