One of the popular beaches in the region. far enough South that stingers are not present, but there is surf. ( Due to the proximity of Fraser Island, the surf is small and safe )

the beach is patrolled by lifesavers in the summer holidays.

from time to time whales can be seen from the shore, and it has been known that turtles will swim between the lifesaver flags and lay thier eggs on the beach near beachgoers. you will nearly always see fish whilst you are swimming in the surf.

there are several car parking areas, and several picnic areas with tables, roofing and free electric bbq's. Also there are toilets.

moneys creek exits from the causeway, and creates a natural lagoon. however after heavy rain it is not advisable to swim in the lagoon.

there are rocks in places, but these are generally visable, however some care needs to be taken.

remember to slip slop slap, and swim between the flags !