The culture of Lampedusa is one which is very interesting because of the proximity of the location to two very different geographic areas.  Lampedusa is an Italian island located relatively close to Sicily but twice as close to Tunisia ( ).  Tunisia is an African location with an Islamic background.  All of these nearby locations are situated within the Mediterranean and are heavily influenced by the unique culture of that part of the world.  The various nearby influences have created pockets of different cultural experiences throughout Lampedusa, making it an interesting location to visit in order to experience a range of different ways of living.

Add to this the fact that Lampedusa is an island which subsists in large part off of the fishing industry.  This creates another component to consider when exploring the culture of the area.  Island locations have their own unique culture which emphasizes a simple way of life linked with a close relationship with nature.  Fishing villages have their own unique culture still which enhances the qualities of the typical island culture.

In recent years, Lampedusa has seen an increase in tourism which has also affected the culture of the area.   Western and European influences are moving in and altering the daily life of the people who live there.