Travelers usually come to Lampedusa in the summer, despite the fact that it can get quite hot in the area at this time.  Visitors come to enjoy the numerous beaches which offer attractive leisure activities for people of all ages.  Because of this, Lampedusa, which has a population of around five thousand, sees more than ten thousand visitors during the months between April and October.  Travelers who come during this time will find that the area is crowded and that there are lines for just about everything.  Travelers seeking to avoid the major crowds but still enjoy the beaches should head to the area in the very beginning or very end of the season.  September is a good choice because the biggest crowds have moved out and the hottest temperatures are over.  Additionally, the only major annual event in the area, the Madonna di Lampedusa procession, takes place in September of each year.

In terms of actual weather, Lampedusa is a dry location which rarely sees any rain and does not experience great levels of humidity.  The average summer temperature is between seventy five and eighty five degrees.  The average winter low temperature is above freezing.  For more detailed information, visit .