Lampedusa is an island so there are two ways of getting there: by air or by sea.

By air:   Travelers heading to Lampedusa via airplane will travel to one of the major cities in Italy and will continue via commuter flight to Lampedusa.   The most common stop prior to heading to Lampedusa is Palermo ; from there, the commuter flight takes just over half an hour.   Flights run daily and there are rarely any weather concerns affecting air travel, so this is a convenient method of reaching Lampedusa.   More information about the airport in Palermo , including connecting airports and flight information is available online at .

By sea:   Travelers also frequently reach Lapedusa by boat, with both cruise ships and ferries heading towards the area.   Most boat arrival is via ferry coming from the Port of Empedocle in nearby Agrigento .   This ferry ride is a half day ride so visitors should plan to be on the water for awhile.   Most of the time, the ferry makes a stop at the island of Linosa where visitors can get out and explore the lava rock formation which the uninhabited area is known for.   This helps to nicely break up the multi-hour ferry ride.