Almancil’s nightlife has dual centers in its resorts, particularly in that of Quinta do Lago , where establishments such as the T-Club add much vibrancy to the city’s after-hours scene.  The T-Club is one of Portugal’s most stunning venues of its kind, and it boasts an additional Japanese restaurant to help pull in customers and revenue.  Other clubs at Quinta include the Melting Pot, which is big on pub ambience, and St. James Club, which is known for all sorts of bizarre fun.

As for the Vale do Lobo , Sandbanks is a chic beach-front seafood restaurant that has some live music, and Monty’s Restaurant and Bar provides further in the way of nighttime musical performance and pub atmosphere.

Vale’s Beach Club, located on the shore, also knocks out some great alcohol-infused concoctions to supplement its seafood selection and DJ backdrops.

Other establishments worth checking out while in Almancil include A Galeria, Monika’s Bistro, Trigonometria, Chez Antoine, Cheers, and Lisboa Antiga.