The Almancil shopping experience begins in the city’s Gypsy markets, which take it over the first and fourth Sunday of every month.  Vendors boast an enormous array of high-quality handicrafts of ceramics and wicker, both of which make for exquisite gifts and mementos to bring home.

Almancil also has a spectacular flea market that takes place on the fourteenth of every month.

Shopping lines the city streets as well as the insides of extremely popular tourist resorts.  The Quinta do Logo, for instance, contains a mall of luxury boutiques, retail, and apparel, in addition to some pubs, dining, and real estate agencies.

Adjacent to the Quinta do Logo mall is the Bougainvillea Plaza, where practical purchases such as periodicals and groceries can be grabbed.

Vale do Lobo stores are not to be outdone.  Boasting designer jewelry, cosmetics, and apparel, not to mention a vast variety of sports clothes and gear for those who came to Vale for its tennis and golf complexes, this resort fulfills any visitor’s consumer needs.
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