The culture of Fustes is similar to the culture throughout the rest of Fuerteventura and the larger Canary Islands.  In turn, that culture is very similar to much of the rest of the south of Spain.  However, there are some unique qualities to the island culture which are not seen on the mainland.  And there are some unique qualities to the culture of Fustes, which is slower paced than many of its surrounding counterpart areas.

At a basic level, this is a Spanish culture, heavily influenced by the Catholic religion.  Holidays of importance to that religion are important in Fustes.  This is also a Spanish culture in terms of daily habits and rituals.  For example, Fustes locals tend to take siestas in the afternoon and have late meals.  What travelers should know about the Spanish culture is that it has some association with machismo which may make it different in experience for female travelers than for males.

Fustes is a small location which means that it may be more traditional in these Spanish influences than some of the larger cities around it.  It is also an area which has grown recently in the area of tourism and therefore its culture may be increasingly directly affected by the culture of United States travelers.

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