Fustes is a location which is very safe for travel.  It is a frequent vacation destination location for people traveling with children and very few of those travelers report any type of problems which would be of concern to other travelers.  As with other travel destinations, there is some minimal risk of becoming a victim of crime while in the area, but common sense precautions should prevent that from happening.

For example, there is some risk of becoming a victim of petty theft in the form of pick pocketing.  Travelers who take common sense precautions such as carrying limited amounts of money, putting wallets in front pockets and staying aware of their surroundings should find that they do not have any problems of this nature.

In terms of health concerns, the water in Fustes should be safe for drinking but travelers should always stick with drinking bottled water when traveling to locations outside of their home countries.  There are no other major health concerns to be aware of in the Fustes area.

Travelers can obtain updated information about warnings from their various countries of origin regarding travel to the Canary Islands (including the Fustes area) by checking online at the sites linked to at http://www.willgoto.com/1/031242/lien... .