700 year old art work and artifacts are not the only objects inside the monasteries and cathedrals. Local produce and foods are some of the best reminders of the Castilla y Leon province. The Santa Maria de las Duneas nuns are knowledgeable chefs and artisans. They sell almond doughnuts, pastries, and puddings outside their monument.

Travelers can also find other savory souvenirs on Fuentesauco road. Fuentesauco is just past the stone bridge. Sample sheep's milk, cheese, honey, and Zamora rice with an almond pastry. Arribas de Duero, a neighboring town, provide flavorful beef products and goat's cheese. The vineyards surrounding Zamora create sweet, dark wines to compliment these delicious foods.

Head to the north or south for a greater variety of consumer goods. Leon, Spain is under two hours from Zamora. The similarly religious and artistic city has a small shopping district on Calle Ancha. Browse souvenirs, clothing, and accessories by foot in this region.

The plaza mayor in Salamanca is about an hour from Zamora. Spanish handicrafts, arts, and souvenirs are the primary items in this market. Small, Flamenco and bull fighter figurines make good gifts for light-hearted friends and children at home. Travelers can compare produce from the Mercado Central with that of Zamora. It sells fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, meats, and cheeses.