These are good, moderately priced restaurants.

1. Restaurante Doña Pepa

Plaza del Socorro, 10

Tel. 952-874-777

This is one of the best in Ronda and is moderately priced. Their chicken breast filled with vegetables and shrimp is a winner.

They have a website:


2. Restaurante Alhambra

Calle Pedro Romero 9

Tel. 952-876-934

The inside of this restaurant is built in the Moorish style and there are big pictures of the Alhambra. It is moderately priced and the food is excellent.

3. Restaurante Duquesa de Parcent

Calle Tenorio 12

Tel. 952-871-965

This is an elegant and quiet restaurant that overlooks the gorge, so there are beautiful views from here.


Restaurant at Hotel Acinipo 95-216-002.   This restaurant is a favorite place for a summer lunch.  They have a nice terrace by the Ronda bull ring.  The appetizers are substantial and are usually made up of local, fresh and organic foods around Ronda.  Recommend their fresh salads, several types of fruit and local cheeses and large selection of light white wines and promising red wines from local wine makers.  One heads-up.  Entrees are large; small kids split many portions.

Restaurant at Hotel Alavera de los Banos.  95-287-91-43.  This restaurant serves organic Spanish, Mediterranean and Morrocan fare.   All produce is raised on-site.  Wine choices are excellent.  It is located in an obscure part of Ronda's old town next to the Arabs baths, called the San Miguel quarter.  Some people call it Ronda's Jewish quarter.  Jewish or not, this restaurant doesn't get its due.   Owners go the extra mile for their hotel guests and restaurant patrons.

Restaurant at  Hotel Molino del Puente Ronda. 952-874-164.  This restaurant is run by a British family who for years ran a very successful restaurant along the coast of Spain.  When Spain's Costa Del Sol lost its duende, they moved to Ronda, turned an olive oil plant into a small hotel and restaurant.  New favorite place to go to dinner   Eat outside by the pool if you can.  Family friendly.  Gorgeous restaurant  interiors.  The food, drinks and wine have an international bent.  But all in all, it's a great find and remarkable value.

Restaurant at Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera. 952-114-355.  This ex-pat run hotel is about 8 kilometers outside Ronda. Sits in a olive and almond grove against a mountain. The restaurant is reserved for hotel guests, but exceptions are made if you call a one day in advance.  Menu changes daily.  They typically serve just 3 different entrees.  Wines are terrific.  Sit outside if you can.  Special place run by Dutch expats.

Albacara Restaurant at Hotel Monteliro. 952-873-855. This restaurant in Ronda's old quarter is about two hundred yards from the main bridge spanning Ronda's spectacular  El Tajo Gorge.  The food and wine is all Andalusian.   But with a lighter touch.   The dining experience is as spectacular as the views from the restaurant terrace.  The restaurant menu changes daily. Appetizers are fresh, local and always a nice surprise.   Favorite dishes are pork cheeks, ox tail, wild game and suckling pig.