Many people who head for Karlovy Vary are wealthy. This is sometimes referred to as a playground for the and (sometimes) famous, so it’s fair to assume there is money here as well. And that would be entirely accurate.

That assumption (and reality) is not lost on thieves, who often target visitors to Karlovy Vary. If you are headed here you want to avoid being a victim of pickpockets and thieves. That’s not to say Karlovy Vary is unsafe. The crime rate has actually come down in recent years, thanks to the Czech government’s efforts to reduce crime, particularly these kinds of petty crimes that visitors are most vulnerable to.

But if you want to avoid being a victim of petty theft or pick pocketing, here are some tips:

Always keep your valuables in your hotel safe. This is a small fee to buy some peace of mind. Regular visitors also suggest keeping a copy of your passport on you if you think you might need it, but keeping the original in the hotel safe; remove it only when checking out of the hotel.

If you are making purchases, use cash if you must, but only carry a small amount and it keep it on your body. Otherwise, use credit cards.