Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Berlioz, Dostoyevsky, Apollinaire, Rodin, and Kokoschka, among others, visited Prague and paid tribute to its splendor and historical significance. UNESCO even included the historic center of Prague as a world heritage site in 1992. Since the fall of communism in 1989, Prague has became one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Why? 

First, it’s still a bargain in comparison with the rest of Europe, and it’s fun — there’s always a party going on and Czech beer – a favorite around the world ‑ is cheap. People come here to see Prague’s unparalleled architecture preserved over the centuries by its kings, artists, and citizens, despite natural disasters and wars. Sealed off from Westerners for a few decades by the ruling communist regime, Prague is now pulsating with energy, with dance, music, modern arts and innovative design attracting some of world’s best music festivals, visual arts and sport events. Prague can satisfy any taste.  

History and architecture buffs will be delighted to visit Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral, Old Town Square, The Loreto and the Old Jewish Synagogue, representing eclectic architectural styles‑ from Romanesque and Renaissance to Art Nouveau and Cubist. Art lovers can spend days admiring medieval and early Renaissance paintings at St Agnes’s Convent and studying Art Nouveau works of Alfons Mucha; and music and performing arts enthusiasts may choose from a variety of great performances: Prague is home to the National Opera, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and Black Light Theatre. 

There are dozens of bars, clubs and restaurants, with cuisines from around the world.

Kids will be fascinated by marionette theatres and puppet stores, and the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square.

Allthough Prague is very well known from Summer holidays it is also very agreeable to visit Prague in the weeks before Christmas. Especially the old city with his Staromestske Namesty is very pleasant. Whether you visit Prague in the Summer or in the Winter there always are lots of tourists. Generally speaking the acommodations in Winter are much cheaper.