Castle dating back to the 12th Century and the old Bohemian Monarchy. Added to and expanded by the Hapsburg Monarchy, the building has gothic, renaissance, and Baroque elements. Later sold by the royal family into private ownership, during the early 20th Century, the painter Alphonse Mucha resided here for 19 years with his family under the auspices of a private patron so that he could work on his monumental Slav Epic. Sadly, during WWII, under the German occupation, the castle was used as a headquarters for the Nazi SS. During the communist era, it was used for radio transmission and monitoring. After 1989, the building and grounds were left to crumble and decay. In 2004, the property was purchased by a private entrepreneur who has lovingly restored the site in the context of its long history. It is now, aside from a fascinating historical site, a world class hotel and spa with an excellent restaurant. A 45 minute drive from Prague, the countryside surrounding the castle is lovely. Call or email for information regarding hours and tours. Telephone: 420-371-784-598;,, Exit 41 on the D5 from Prague towards Plzen.