Prague is not known for being a huge city and four full days might not be enough to see every landmark in town: here are few recommendations for everyone to make the most out of the wonderful city.

For early birds, start with the Charles Bridge for sunrise, an amazing view will wait for you there almost all year long. (It’s such a magical set that even beginner photographers will get great shoots there).

Cross the Bridge and take the stairs down to the picturesque Kampa Island. A wonderful park is waiting for you there: great place to have a little break and enjoy the river (also a famous place among local engaged couples to pop the question).

While you’re in Kampa, don’t miss the Lennon Wall where all the Beatle fans get together, don’t hesitate to write your own little tag. This meaningful place used to be the symbol of freedom during the communist era.

For shopping, the best is to go to Wenceslas Square you’ll find every kind of fashion there. For tourists souvenirs go to Celetna Street (avoid the rip off of Na Prikope street).

Best places to eat / have a snack: 

- Klobasa stands : best Czech sausage in town

- Cubist Grand Café Orient : travel to the 1930’s and eat their surprising “cube” cake   

- The pralines at the Choco story museum (great place for kids

- For a glass of wine don’t miss the Baroque café and for a nice seafood dinner the place to go to is Les Moules.

Check out the astronomical clock every hour and the twelve apostles’ parade.  

Join the local guides to get insider’s stories on the big landmarks and the secret places with free Prague walking tours.

Listen to the classical music concerts in St Nicolas Church.




Inside the tourist areas you won't have a problem finding people who speak English. Just a few phrases to help you along.









Hello! ("Good day!")


Dobrý den!


Dobree den!


Hi. /Bye. (informal)






Good Evening!


Dobrý večer!


Dobree veh-chair!


Good night!


Dobrou noc!


Dobroe nots!


Good bye!


Na shledanou!




Yes. /No.


Ano. / Ne.


Ah-no. / Ne.











Thank you.















Do you speak English?


Mluvíte anglicky?


Mloo-vee-teh un-glits-key?








One beer please.


Jedno pivo prosím.


Yeddnoh pivvo prosseem.


water / coffee/ wine


voda / kava / vino


voh-dah / kah-vah/ vee-noh




Na zdravi!




Where is...?


Kde je...?


Gday ye...?


How much?






Local currency


koruna (Kč)