Transport in Gdansk, private or public, is a cinch.  There are many different options; should you wish to get a rental car, below are the companies and phone numbers from which you can choose:

Avis: 301-88-18
Budget: 305-61-55
Eurp-Trans: 552-75-22
Hertz: 301-40-45
Joka: 320-56-45
Piast: 558-26-33

There are also nearly a dozen taxi companies from which to hail or reserve a cab, and there phone numbers can be found here

In addition to these services and companies there are about ten tram lines that operate throughout the city.  Public transportation is cheap, easy, and reliable.  Tickets can be purchased at kiosks, and schedules and fares can be viewed on the system’s website , which has, amazingly enough, an English version of itself.

Be sure to watch out for predators and pickpockets when on these trams, as they can get quite crowded.  Some thieves have been known to offer drinks with sleep-inducing drugs, though sharing a drink with a total stranger in a foreign country is more Darwin Award material than a safety no-no.

Take similar safety precautions when moving from attraction-to-attraction by foot—carrying around only a minimal amount of money, stowed away in a hard-to-pickpocket place in case of crowds.

Check out  this map called or You can print the illustrated map from that site (,, or when you are in the city pick it up at the airport or in hundreds of restaurants, clubs etc. The map is great for getting around, it also has apartments for rent, hotels and all tourist attraction that you need.