Located not far from the Wolnica Square in the Christian part of former Kazimierz town (now known mostly as the former Jewish quarter) St. Katherine and Margaret Church and the accompanying monastery of Augustian monks is one of the most mysterious sites in Krakow. This large complex dating back to 14th century can be unjustly overlooked as it is not being located on any of the main tourist trails. The imposing gothic basilica (almost equal in size and class to St. Mary's Church at Rynek) is completed by enchanting monastery that is easily accessible by everyone. Do not miss the interior of both the church and the monastery, find the "secret" (at least to tourists) passage and enjoy one of the oldest pieces of wall painting in all of Poland. Because of church's great acoustics you might be lucky to attend some of the music concert organised there. Points of interest might include also: the largest portion of Kazimierz's medieval town walls along the Paulińska street nearby and the Skałka Shrine some 200 metres futher along the Skałeczna Street. Truly a magical and still calm part of the historical centre of Krakow (all the objects described are also part of UNESCO list) - truly worth exploring when they're still not overrun by crowds of tourists.