Krakow lies in the region of Malopolska, which is located in southern Poland. Krakow can be easily reached by air, rail and bus.

The John Paul II airport in Balice serves Krakow. It is 7 miles from the city and offers direct flights from select cities. There are three options to get from the airport to the city centre.

Taxi is the easiest but also the most expensive, agree a fee with the driver before departing. The airport has official taxis standing outside the terminal that can take youinto the city for a flat rate of 69PLN or 89PLN. You can also order a city taxi to pick you up (they're not allowed to wait outside so they wait in a nearby car park) and the fare can be significantly lower, even 35-40 PLN to the center in case of cheaper taxi networks.

Local buses 292 and 208 go from the airport to near Krakow Glowny train station, which is only a short walk from the old town. The bus ticket costs 4.00 pln single (be sure to get this one for zones 1+2 not the slightly cheaper one). There is a ticket machine by the bus stop and you can also get a ticket on the bus but this machine only takes coins. Turn right from arrivals and you will see the bus stop.

The train that links the airport with Krakow Glowny train station is again in operation from early October 2015. The train stop is just across the street from the terminal, linked by an elevated covered walkway. Trains to Krakow Glowny main train station operate with a frequency of 30 minutes and take less than 20 minutes to reach the destination. Krakow Glowny main train station is within easy walking distance to the Main Market square. One way train fare is 8 PLN. Tickets can be bought from ticket machines at the station (payment by cash in PLN, coins or low denomination banknotes, or by credit card with international cards accepted) or from the conductor on the train (no surcharge, PLN cash only, also larger banknotes accepted).

Get up-to-date information on the latest travel possibilities from the airport at the airport website.

Krakow Glowny (main) train station is one of Poland's busiest and here you can find trains to many destinations not only in Poland but also internationally. There are trains to Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, L'viv and Kiev to name a few. Polish railways website will give you all the information you need with regards timetables and fares.

Many tourists visiting Krakow are now booking inexpensive flights on airlines that fly into the Katowice Airport. This airport is 60 miles from Krakow's city center and is mainly used by Wizzair flying to over 20 international routes (the newest being Tel Aviv and Grenoble) and is also well linked with Frankfurt and Dusseldorf by Lufthansa. Katowice Airport is the only large Airport in Poland located over 300 metres above the sea level. That's why it's the only one not suffering from fog and diversions to the other airports, so especially during Autumn it's much safer option to fly there between October and December when the airport in Krakow is covered with severe fogs in the morning and late evening hours (over 200 diverted or cancelled flights from/to Krakow in November, 2012) there are good shuttles available, but travelers need to do some research. Many can be prebooked, but do not require reservations. Taxis can cost $50 to take passengers to the town of Katowice, where trains are available to Krakow. Be aware that taxis will also be glad to take you to Krakow, but will charge $150. Always check the rate beforehand so you will not be surprised.

Krakow's busy bus station provides services to all over Poland and beyond. It is located near Glowny train station to the north east of the old town. One can even travel easily to Prague from there. Actually it is the quickest and cheapest to travel from Krakow to Prague through Cieszyn by bus at first and then from Cieszyn to Prague by train.