Zakopane is located in the Tatras Mountains at a high elevation creating a cold, mountainous climate. Winters are so long that they dominate the year. Snow begins to accumulate in November and lasts through March. Spring can be unpredictable in the mountainous regions however, warmer weather can come in and begin the snow melting process thus creating a beautiful blooming season, or the cold air can remain stagnant and drag winter though spring.

The warmest month in Zakopane is July, but this month along with June also see the most rain and thunderstorms. Even so, this is the high season as days are long and generally sunny. The fall many times brings ideal weather to Zakopane as well. September and October tend to be very sunny, temperate, and dry. The best time to plan on hiking are June through early October as the later into the month of October the more the chance of the first snowfall. 

The best skiing conditions and thus, a second tourist high season, is January and February. People flock here during these months for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow activities. 

Preparation must be made for your visit to such a mountainous region. Locals joke that one can feel all four seasons in one day here. Therefore, adequate clothing and wind protection is needed. Dressing in layers and having protection from the sun is necessary.