Just about any tourist who visits Ljubljana cannot resist spending some time shopping (or at least browsing) in the many interesting shops that exist here. Different types of goods are sold in Ljubljana – ranging from those available in an open-air market to those sold in fine art galleries. The choices are huge, and the shopping experience can be very entertaining.

One of the most popular items that tourists enjoy buying in Ljubljana is clothing. There are many local fashion designers who sell their creations in local stores, and there are also many items available that were designed by international companies.

Artistic items are also very popular among tourists. There are many local artists who create all sorts of glass and crystal pieces, as well as less expensive arts and crafts items.

Must see is ART Market (May - October, every Saturday 9am-4pm, location: Breg- Ljubljanica river bank) where you can meet artist and designers and find unique hand made stuff (arts&crafts, gifts, fashion,souvenirs).

A visit to at least one open air market is essential when in Ljubljana. For sale at the markets is everything from fresh spices, fruits, vegetables, and ready-to-eat meals, and also souvenir-type items.

Most of the stores in Ljubljana are open from early morning (about 8 a.m.) evening (about 7 p.m.) during the week, and for a few morning hours on Saturdays. Local stores are usually closed on Sundays, but the larger department stores and malls are usually open all weekend.