While there are many things to see and do within the city limits of Ljubljana, there are just as many things to see and do that are a short distance outside of town.

The Countryside: Taking a ride to Slovenia’s countryside is a way to experience the country’s natural beauty. This can be accomplished by hiking, biking, and/or simply driving to a destination and grabbing a bite to eat at an out-of-the way restaurant.

There are a few small towns that are very historical. One of the most famous is an area called, “ Škofja Loka.” This is a town that has been preserved as completely medieval, and tourists frequently visit to see what life was like during that period of time.

Caves and Waterfalls: Within a relatively short drive from the center of Ljubljana, there are a few natural attractions that are fascinating. In the small towns of Borovnica and Iški Vintgar, there are underground caves as well as some magnificent waterfalls.

If leaving the city is not desired, there are several local tours which are organized by the Ljubljana Tourist Board. Tours are available in many different languages, and they provide a wealth of knowledge about the city and the country.

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