Memento Park includes the well-known Statue Park, Stalin's Grandstand and the new movie theatre where you can see a special documentary film about the political secret service of the Kádár-regime, titled “The Life of an Agent”.

It's worth visiting the Statue Park.  A one-of-a-kind glimpse of communist history, the park displays a sometimes amusing, sometimes haunting, but always intriguing collection of communist-era statues.  A new exhibition called “Stalin’s Boots” opened in 2007. Szobor Park is no longer just an open air statue park, but is instead becoming a real museum.

The park is situated just outside Budapest and can be reached by an approximately half-hour direct bus ride from Erzsebet Sq which is connected to Deak Square where all 3 metro lines converage.  The park is open from 10 AM to sunset daily.  For more information on Szobor Park, see their website or if you want to take a tour of the park and learn more about Hungary's communist past take the Hammer and Sickle Tour, Eurama Tour or Special Tours Hungary Red Star Tour.