The majority of the wooden churches are in Eastern Slovakia.  This is also the site of the WW2 battle of the Dukla Pass for the liberation of Slovakia. Churches in the villages and tanks and cows in the fields. The countryside is beautiful and unspoiled. There are also many hiking trails all about the country which are well marked. You will need a fairly detailed map to get around. The villagesin the area  include Dobroslava, Fricka, Hervatov, Hunkovse, Jedlinka,Kopejovice, Ladomirova, Lukov, Medvedie, Morola,Bodruzal,Nizny Komurnik,and Potoky. Getting there requires flying into either Kosice or Krakow, Poland and renting a car. 2 hrs from Kosice and 5 hrs from Krakow with a drive through the high Tatras. A good place to stay is Bardejov, with its UNESCO town square and mideval walls. There is a spa or Kupieli with hotels nearby.