The castle is an imposing edifice offering great views over the city of Bratislava, and the Danube. Good walks around the grounds with a few steep climbs.   

From the terraces and grounds of the Castle you can enjoy the best and most amazing views. Most visitors are happy with just this visit of the grounds of the Castle (which are open daily from 8am till midnight, so you can visit the Castle area even on Monday, when museums and galleries are closed). 

Opening hours of the Castle interior buildings from 01 April to 16 November are from 10am to 6pm - Tuesday to Sunday.  During the winter season, 9am to 5pm - Tuesday to Sunday.  Like many attractions in Bratislava, the castle interior buildings are closed for visitiation on Mondays.  

The Castle houses two museums - one of them (door on the left side) called Treasury is a short exhibition of very early history - some authentic exhibits date back to BC - this is a must for fans of history, who can then find more in the Museum of Archaeology, located on the embankment under the Castle. Unfortunately, the name of exhibition - Treasury makes some visitors think that they will see actual jewelry and crowns, which is not the case. 

The other museum (door across the courtyard) is a mix of various exhibitions, which will guide you through all floors of the castle and finally to the high point of the visit - possibility to climb four flights of stairs up to the Crown Tower of the Castle, which provides amazing views of Bratislava and its neighborhoods. 

For more information about the Bratislava castle, visit the Bratislava Tourism website.