There are plenty of great ways to get active and engage in or watch sports in Bratislava. The mountains of the region make for beauitful hiking, biking, and walking trails ( Bratislava Forest Park ) and nearby skiing in the winter. Golf is a growing sport in the region as well. The Slovaks love watching sports and catching a hockey game will give you a real cultural experience with the city's people. There are many lakes in the area as well as public pools making swimming a popular option.

The people are very proud of their HC Slovan hockey teams and games are a blast. If you are visiting during the winter season be sure to check the team's website for a game calendar.

There are several golf courses around Bratislava:

Hiking and biking are very popular activities with the Slovaks. Check with the tourist board online for details about trails; click here to be directed. Also be sure to check with the tourist board for a full listing of sporting events that are taking place, from horse races to bike races.

 For adventurers, there are several interesting places close to Bratislava, like: