At Vilnius International Airport: Only official Airport taxis are now allowed to take customers. These taxis are more expensive than the normal city taxis. Start fee is 9 lt, and 6 lt per km. In the city this would be 1.2 lt. You can make a local call to number 1410 and order a taxi to pick you up at the airport. A single trip to the centre costs about 25 lt.

This company is trustworthy and you can call them to get around Vilnius during a stay. Some cab drivers don't speak English, and some cabs are a bit run down. But they take you where you need to be without problems. 

Kaunas and Palanga airports have their own specifics to be described separately. In brief, Palanga airport has been suffering from fare sharks charging over 50 Litas (14 Euro) for a three kilometer ride to the adjacent Meduza hotel.