Runing through the heart of kaunas new town in a 1.7k long straight pedestrian only strip namely LAISVES ALEJA. This is the longest pedestrian road in Eastern Europe and well worth the visit for the hungry diner for all along both sides are numerous incredibly stylish, modern and efficient eateries providing local cuisine as well as eastern dishes.

£4 (2006 rates) buys you a beautiful filet steak the size of your fist along with the trimmings.  A cut of beef equal in size and qualitiy in the UK would set you back £15 at least!

You can find pasta and pizza cooked to high standards for silly prices almost every 50 yards along this strip all fresh and mouthwatering good.

Venture a little further and you'll discover traditional dishes served by lovely waitresses wearing trad dress, again for the price of a McFastfood back home although beware, although the menus generally are written in English as well as Lithuianian, read well before you order for you may well be about to tuck into pigs brains or ox tongue soup!

Sit at a table with a window view or maybe one or the many Al Fresco style set ups and watch the locals gracefully slide by flaunting their lean, model like physiques and elegant, colourful and highly stylish attire.

It would be wrong to recommend one particular place to dine as there were so many to choose from with too little time, yet the places I ate in were so modern and stunning in design, the food so good and too cheap, the service fast and often beautiful that you really should form your own opinion.  Oh, and the Lithuanians know how to make soup.