The Russian Embassy is a beautiful pink building on Vene street (Vene is Estonian for Russia) and the entrance is on this street. Doors open at 9am and close at different hours, depending on the day. It is best to get there a little before 9.

If you are applying for a Russian visa you want to stand in window number 2 and speak to the nice lady behind the glass (she really is nice so don't be rude to her). She will give you your forms to apply for the visa, if you already have an invitation. Form #95 (the visa application form) available on the Russian Embasy website is outdated so don't bother printing it out.

Please note the cost is about 1310 eek or about 126 USD and you must know that a business visa can take 10 to 14 days to process, so please be prepared for the wait. A faster process is NOT POSSIBLE and they are very irritated when a person asks, so don't blow your chances of getting your visa approved by asking stupid questions.

Please dress nicely and act professional as this is a courtsey of the embassy. The actual law states you must return to your country of residence or birth to apply and they are doing this to HELP YOU.

Good luck!