Tallinn centre together with the Old Town, the harbour and the modern City Centre and its shopping malls is easily explored on foot. In Tallinn Old Town there really isn't any other good way, since the cobblestone streets are not ideal for cycling or anything else besides walking. However, a couple of trips to locations outside the centre (such as Kadriorg, Pirita, Rocca al Mare) require some means of transport, but still remain easily accessible.

The Old Town

As mentioned, the Old Town is best explored on foot because of its narrow, cobbled streets and relatively small distances. Yes, true enough, one can cover several kilometres with a whole day of walking around the Old Town, but all the main sights can be explored in much less. The heart of the Old Town is forbidden to regular traffic, sometimes only some service vehicles can be seen. Everywhere else in the Old Town, where cars are allowed to drive, still the pedestrian is the king, can walk anywhere on the roads and has the right of way. However, it is still both necessary and polite to watch for cars.

Keep in mind that the cobbled streets in the Old Town require comfortable walking shoes, no stilettos here! Oh, and get a map! It is very easy to get lost in the Old Town as its planning is pretty much completely irregular. But if you do get lost, no worries either, it is a small area and eventually you'll either find a familiar location or end up at the border of the Old Town.

The City Centre

The city centre with all the main entertainment facilities, shopping malls, hotels and office blocks is just next to the Old Town and also very easily walkable, so no problems here as well.

Other locations

When travelling further away from the City Centre, you should either get a cab or use public transport, as the distances get longer. There isn't really much point in hiring a rental car as public transport is really cheap and probably there is not much need for it anyways. Use trams (or buses) to get to Kadriorg, buses to get to Pirita and trolley-buses or buses to get to Rocca al Mare. In addition to that there are also hop-on-hop-off double-decker city tour buses, which might be an even better idea as they cover all the main tourist sights and offer a great service for tourists. For either the city tour buses or public transport use the Tallinn Card, which gives a free ride on them.

Warning to foreign vistors with cars!

Parking is sewn up by private operators and the vast majority of parking areas now only accept payment through an Estonian mobile phone or online by money transfer from an Estonian bank account. Very few have a cash ticket machine and they're not easy  to find.