There are many different bars to visit while in Tallinn. They are normally open until about midnight during the week and later on the weekend, but some of the favorite local bars will never close the doors if there is a customer inside.

Some of the different bars include:

Traditional: These bars are decorated to reflect what taverns would have looked like in Tallinn more than a few hundred years ago. In other words, they’re old fashioned looking.

Trendy: There are a few bars in Tallinn where the younger crowd likes to frequent. These are the bars where people like to dance while wearing the most stylish clothes they can find.

Live Music: In order to draw in the crowds, some bars will feature live music on the weekends. There are sometimes small bands featured and other times there are well-known bands… at least well known in Estonia!

There are several pool halls in Tallinn where locals as well as tourist like to visit in the evening hours. There are two types of pool played in Estonia: “International Pool,” and “ Russian Billiards.”

For anyone in the mood to gamble, there are casinos in Tallinn that range from a large building with many types of gambling games to a small room that only contains slot machines.