There are all sorts of things to buy in Tallinn, and many places to do so. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, so it’s probably the best place in the country to find gifts or souvenirs. The choices for where to shop range from department stores and malls to outdoor markets where handmade items are for sale.

The department stores and malls in Tallinn are open every day of the week and in most locations tourists can pay for their chosen items with credit cards. There are also several boutique-type stores in Tallinn’s “Old Town.” In boutiques, unique high-fashion items and boutique-type accessories can be found.

Tallinn has an outdoor market where women sit and knit items to sell. Completely original, well-made, and one-of-a-kind items can be found at this knit market.

There is also a place in Tallinn where artists create all sorts of items – such as ceramics, quilts, leather accessories, and much more – in workshops where tourist can watch them. The location where this occurs is called the Katarina Passage, and after tourists enjoy watching the items being created, they can purchase them.

Some of the most popular items that tourists tend to purchase while in Tallinn are handmade sweaters made of wool, jewelry, and locally made chocolate.