Following is some practical information about Tallinn that any potential tourist may benefit from knowing:

Where is Tallinn ?

Tallinn is located in Northern Europe. It is the capital of Estonia.

What Time Zone Does Tallinn Follow?

Then entire country of Estonia is on a time zone called, “ Eastern European Time.” It is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

How Many People Live in Tallinn ?

The population of Tallinn is about four hundred thousand. Majority of residents are Estonian (52.3%). Other main nationalities in Tallinn are Russian (38.5%) and Ukrainian (3.9%).

What Language is Spoken in Tallinn ?

The language that is spoken in Estonia is called, “Estonian.” However, it is not uncommon in Estonia to speak two or three foreign languages. English is understood and spoken by many of the residents.

Are Passports or Visas Needed to Enter Estonia ?

Residents of the United States, as well as several other countries, may enter Estonia and Tallinn without a visa, but a valid passport is required. A stay of 90 days or less is allowed.

What is the Currency in Tallinn ?

The official currency of Estonia is the euro.