Travelers interested in learning more about Riga may consider reading the following books:

  • “City of Life, City of Death: Memories of Riga” by Max Michelson.  This memoir describes Jewish life in Riga before and during the Holocaust, giving travelers insight in to the effect of World War II on the people of the area. .
  • “Riga: The Bradt City Guide” by Stephen Baister and Chris Patrick.  This helpful travel guide includes useful maps including public transportation maps, making it a terrific guide to bring on a Riga trip. .
  • “Tale of the White Crow: Coming of Age in Post-Soviet Latvia” by Iveta Melnika.  This book describes what it was like to be living in the area in the early 1990’s when Riga first regained independence from Russia.  It is written as if it is the diary of a young girl and is a quick, interesting read.
  • “The Dogs of Riga” by Henning Mankell.  For travelers who prefer fiction to nonfiction, this suspenseful mystery is set in Riga and provides small details about the area which might be of interest. .
  • “The Rings of My Tree: A Latvian Woman’s Journey” by Jane E. Cunningham.  This offers historical insight in to the experience of a Twentieth Century woman in Riga. .
  • Plenty of usefull articles about Riga and recomendations on what is worth to see