Travelers can use taxis safely in Riga; however, they should be aware of some of the problems which have historically been associated with taxi use in the area in order to protect themselves from the risks.  In general, taxis are appropriate for use by travelers.  The major problems come from travelers who do not know the difference between metered and unmetered taxis.  Upon hailing or calling for a taxi, visitors should make sure that the taxi is metered and should only take rides from metered taxis.  This is because there have been problems with extreme over-charging by unmetered taxis.  It is reported that the red taxis are the most honest companies and are preferable for use by travelers.

Additionally, travelers should be warned that taxi drivers in Riga have been known to be somewhat dangerous on the roads.  Travelers should report any problems to the company after the ride has ended.  In recent years, there have been concentrated efforts by companies to improve their reputations and standards are increasing so taxis are generally acceptable for use.

Rental cars are an option in Riga. However, the roads are relatively dangerous for drivers unused to the area and it is not recommended that rental cars be obtained.  Travelers who do wish to rent cars can do so at the airport where major car rental companies have representatives.

When travelling to/from the airport, it is recommended that travellers use "Red Cab" Taxi or "Baltic Taxi". charge a maximum fare of EUR 14. Other taxis (metered included) can charge considerably more.

It is possible to order car with driver in advance for your Riga airport transfer in advance, it can be not only taxi car, but also sedan, minivan for 4-8 person, minibus for 20 person or bigger bus. When you order private transfer from Riga airport by car, you are sure that the price will be fixed, the driver will meet you at the arrival hall, help with baggage and the car will be without taxi or other signs. Often private transfer cars are better than taxi cars, and you are sure that you will not be overcharged. Transfer to Jurmala and other cities possible.